austin-liquors-wine-cellar1Voted Best Wine Shop in Worcester AGAIN!

It seems ever time you turn around there’s a new winery vying for your attention or a new wine begging to be tasted. Our wine staff smells, swirls and sips dozens of wines (tough job, right?) and selects the best for our customers. One might even become your favorite, whether you’re pairing it up with burgers in the back yard or shrimp scampi in the dining room.

Huge Selection of Affordable Wines

As always, our Wine Staff is happy to help you select a wine for any occasion at any price point. We’re known for our quality-to-price ratio on every bottle, and Austin’s All-the-Time Wine Discount policy extends your wine dollar even further.

Of course, the best way to try new wines is at our weekly Wine Tastings. Check the schedule and stop on by. Cheers!