Make Beer Great Again!


Well, let’s be honest; beer has always been great, but craft beer is bringing a whole new level to the beer industry. Craft beer adds creativity, individuality, and innovation into the beer market for a fun twist on an American classic. In recent years, craft breweries have taken over and their popularity has risen 13% in the past year. According to Fortune Magazine, a record 4,269 breweries exist just in the U.S.! Additionally, there are approximately 2,000 more new breweries pending licensure, which if all approved, would increase the number of craft breweries in the U.S. by about 50%. America is quickly becoming the hub for craft beer, as it has more styles and brands to choose from than any other market in the world.

craft_beer_delivery_worcesterSo, what makes craft beer so special? At its best, it’s brewed by small, independent breweries that use traditional brewing methods to concoct high quality beer full of interesting ingredients. Each glass shows the creativity, individuality, and passion of its brewer, which differs from brand to brand. Plus, craft beer contains more alcohol, sometimes 2-4 times more! Craft beer provides a pleasurable experience sure to take you away from reality for a short time. It has a one of a kind taste and no two beers are exactly alike. Also, did you know by buying locally or nationally made craft beer, you’re helping out the economy, business owners, and actual hard working people? Nothing better than sipping on your craft beer after a long day and helping employ those in this growing industry.

Austin Liquors offers craft beer selections from all across the country and a team to make sure you find your perfect beer. Their large craft beer selection includes local beer from Worcester and from all the way on the west coast in San Diego. You can taste all of these different cities and towns, all without having to leave your home! Austin Liquors offers delivery service in the Worcester & Shrewsbury areas through Drizly for our full selection of craft beer and other wine and spirits! You have on demand access to their wide selection online and once you decide what you want, it’ll be delivered to your doorstep within an hour. Regardless if you’re too busy or that spot on the couch is just too comfortable, you can still enjoy the creativity and individuality of the craft beer market.