Keg You Believe It?


Thinking about getting a keg, but prefer to drink craft beer? Well, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with help from Austin Liquors! We’ve got you covered with kegs of any kind (that are available in MA) -less than a week from your order date.

craft_beer_kegBeer kegs are great for parties, NFL Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and even for college football on Saturday. What’s better than watching the Pats with a cup of your favorite craft beer? (Only Tom Brady not being suspended for the first four games, but we won’t go there). Kegs offer the convenience of draft beer and hold anywhere from 80-165 12-oz cups of beer, depending on what size you go with. Kegging your craft beer is also a way to lager beer longer, allowing it to age and clarify naturally. Your beer will mature and reach its pinnacle of taste, carbonization, and overall potential, which is a dream for craft beer lovers.

At Austin Liquors, we can (and will) get any keg a customer requests as long as it is available in the great state of Massachusetts. That is a whole lot of craft beer! We regularly have Blue Moon logs in stock, but if you want another type of craft beer, and we do not have it in stock, we will get it for you within a week. What about less common, more boutique-y craft beer? Regardless if it is Jack’s Abby, Ballast Point, Stone, Dogfish Head, or even Founder’s, if it is available in Massachusetts, we can get it for you!

For a keg for your next party, gathering or football game, you can contact any of the 4 convenient Austin Liquors locations to place your order!