How Can I Find the Best Wine for Me?


Now, we are going to tackle an age old question in the wine world, “What makes a wine a Total Wine, a good wine?” Is it the winemaker? Is it the climate and the region? Is it how long it is aged? Is it how it is aged? All of these variables, of course, play their part in making that bottle you just bought from Austin Liquors the great, Total Wine you would expect. However, as with any great mystery, the most important question has not even been asked yet. What question is that, you say? What more could go into that bottle of wine that my palate so rightfully deserves? The answer isn’t necessarily what more can go into the bottle, but what you taste while you are drinking that wonderfully complex, Total Wine.

finding_the_right_wine“Do I like the wine?” That is the most important question that you can ask yourself. As with everything else, the world of wine is very subjective. Let’s face it. We all like different things and your favorite glass of wine is not any different. “Well, how do I know which wines I would like?” You might say. “It isn’t like I can just go to any Austin Liquors Location and taste every wine until I find my perfect, Total Wine?” You would be correct. However, that is where we come in. Our staff is filled with people that have a certain passion for the business. We are not on commission. We do not have any quotas on certain brands that corporate forces us to sell. We are wine lovers. We are wine customers. We are just like you, constantly searching for the bottle that is housing our personal Total Wine package. We happen to be lucky enough to have found a job that is also our passion. We get paid to drink, which isn’t all that bad!!

When you come down to see us, we will try to figure out what would be your personal, total wine through a series of difficult, interrogation-like questions such as; “What do you normally drink?”, or “Are you looking for a red or a white?”. You know, the really tough questions. Through our conversation, our total wine team will offer some recommendations based on your answers. It is actually quite painless, that is, unless hearing us ramble about our favorite wines hurts your ears. As you can tell, as much as we enjoy our jobs, we do not take ourselves too serious. We like to have fun and try to bring that to work.

We are fortunate to have a team that has a combined 80 years (yep, you read that right) experience and has travelled to Spain, France, Argentina and Italy as well as Oregon and California! We have had the opportunity to rub elbows with vineyard owners and winemakers across the world but still get the most joy with helping our customers find a bottle (or bottles, if you’re like us!) of the perfect, Total Wine for any occasion. We have a passion for the total wine world including both the finest wines as well as the finest values.

You can call us what you want; a Vintage Bried (see what we did there? Wine and cheese plug), Fermented Fanatics, The Cask Calvary, Your Taste Ambassadors, or your friends. All of us from Natick to Shrewsbury to Worcester (two locations!!!) will introduce ourselves to your taste buds. We will become its friend and learn what they like. Then, we will recommend wines, or spirits and beers if that’s your thing, that we think you would enjoy. We are lucky. We have the ability to get to know some great people and help them choose their own perfect liquid libation. You can rest assured that our team has put a lot of effort into the total wine selection that you will find at each of our locations and is more than eager to talk about it. We understand that the wine world can be confusing and intimidating and are more than happy to be your personal Magellan on your voyage. So, come down to any of our locations and let us help you navigate the wine maps and help you find your own, personal, total wine fit.