Fixed on Mixed: Refreshing Cocktails for Any Summer Event


Summer is without a doubt the season for mixed drinks. Fresh fruits and hot days make it a necessity to have a colorful cocktail in your hand whenever possible. When entertaining, you can either offer a variety of cocktails or one signature drink. When planning your next event, keep in mind these seasonal mixed drinks perfect for any summer soiree.

summer_cocktails_Austin_LiquorsLemonade is a summer staple; try mixing it up with muddled strawberries, basil, and gin and enjoy a Strawberry Basil Lemonade Cocktail perfect for cooling anyone off!

If you think limes deserve some summer glory over their lemon relatives, try Barbados Rum Punch: lime juice, simple syrup, aged rum, and bitters. Even if you can’t take a vacation this summer,this fruity drink will take you on a tropical journey!

Watermelon only has one season, and to not take advantage of its natural sweetness in a summer cocktail would be disrespectful. Muddle watermelon with agave and mix with tequila and lime juice, and you’ll have a Fresh Watermelon Margarita that nobody will forget!

There are endless summer cocktails out there just waiting to be explored, and Austin Liquors can help you discover them all and their ingredients at any of our 4 convenient locations. Our extensive selection of spirits gives you the opportunity to experiment with drinks from around the world, and our expert staff can make suggestions on which cocktails are popular and how to make them.

Austin Liquors is your greatest asset in finding the perfect summer drink and executing it to perfection. When planning an event, also be sure to keep in mind that we offer a party planning service that offers knowledgeable advice from the experts on how much liquor, beer, and wine, you’ll need and what tricks will help your event be a hit!

Also, if you don’t have time to make it to the store before your get together, no worries! Austin Liquors provides Liquor Delivery Service to the Worcester and Shrewsbury areas! Soak up the sun and stay “hydrated” this summer with Austin Liquors.