Fine Wine Tasting Makes “Sense”


Go ahead, take a sniff. That phrase sounds a little odd, doesn’t it? Although it may sound a little awkward, a lot can be learned from a little whiff. We have all realized the power (both pleasant and unpleasant) that certain smells can have. We have all caught a whiff of a pleasant cologne/perfume that may remind us of a high school sweetheart. We can be walking down Shrewsbury Street in Worcester and catch the pleasant aroma of fresh sauce (or gravy) wafting from the number of Italian restaurants that reminds us of our parents cooking when we were younger. Who can argue with the “new car smell”, there is even a candle with that smell! The power of smell is amazing and can instantly bring memories flooding in. This is not any different when taking a sniff of that fine wine in your glass.

fine_wine_tastingJust recently, our fine wine team had the chance to get together for a panel tasting in our Shrewsbury store. The instructions were simple — bring a wine we carry that you haven’t tried and a wine you enjoy to speak about with customers. Needless to say, the tables were stocked with two dozen (mostly) outstanding bottles of vino. There was one in particular that stood out to me, mostly because of the amazing power of the sense of smell. This delicious glass of liquid enjoyment was Nieto Senetiner Don Nicanor Malbec.

At first sniff, memories immediately took over of a trip a couple of us took to a vineyard in Argentina a few years back. As I lifted this wonderful glass up, I could close my eyes and be transported to beautiful Mendoza at the base of the Andes mountains. The aromas of plum and cassis combine with the nuances of the dusty soil from the vineyards made me want to speak to Tomas (the vineyard manager in 2010) as the warm breeze washed over us. This elegant, medium structured Malbec showed notes of cherry, oak spices and black pepper and would provide a perfect accompaniment to a steak from your grill.

I had actually forgotten how much I enjoyed this wine! It is impressive how this bottle of wine took me back several years to that vineyard. Yes, the wine tastes delicious, but the bouquet is what blew my mind. So, next time you are getting ready to try that fine wine, remember to stick your nose in it. You just may be surprised at what you “see”.