Austin Liquors Favorite Beers

Looking for a great local micro-brew or an award winning beer? Check out some of the selections by our expert beer tasters at Austin Liquors.

Wormtown Brewery officially opened its doors March 17th, 2010 and quickly became a hot topic among beer advocates throughout the “Woo” (a common local reference to Worcester).  Finally in January of 2015,  Wormtown opened the brewery’s new home and first tap room  on Shewsbury St.  which established them as Worcester favorite craft brewery.   Be Hoppy IPA is Wormtown’s take on a West Coast IPA. Huge aromatics and big citrus forward flavors due to the copious amounts of hops make this IPA not just a Worcester favorite but an outstanding beer for Hop Heads everywhere.


Newburyport GreenHead Ipa
Newburyport Brewing Co. is a Massachusetts based Micro-brewery  that strictly cans all of its beer that does not make its way to a keg.  Canning beer has become a new initiative among Micro-brewers across America, as they are travel friendly, easy to recycle and protect beer from its most dangerous foe . . . light!  Newburyport’s Green Head IPA is a hoppy West Coast Style IPA with bright flavors that offset the smooth malt undertones. It has a distinct hop aroma coupled with a crisp and clean finish that will leave you wanting more.



Hailing from Vermont, our kind neighbor up north, The Switchback Brewing Company has been established since 2002 and launched in Worcester County in mid-2015.  Like much from Vermont,  Switchback Ale is unique, hand-crafted achievement that defies definition and description.  This unfiltered, well-balanced reddish-amber ale has a complex flavor coupled with an unusually smooth and refreshing character that makes it the perfect brew for any occasion. Those who prefer the usual Coors or Bud Light will find this beer to be an easy transition into the world of craft beer.